Fascinating Facts about Giraffes


If you thought human beings are the only ones divided between racial lines, you got it wrong! Giraffes are divided into twelve races and you can tell them apart from their skin coat color and markings. It is equal to skin color in humans. In Kenya however, we have three races of giraffes The Baringo Giraffe, Maasai Giraffe and the very unique reticulated giraffe that is only found in the northern region of Kenya. Here are a few facts about them:

  1. Giraffes are the Largest Ruminants on Earth

If you know anything about animals, you know that those that ferment food so as to acquire nutrients in their mouth are known as ruminants. They are characterized by having fours stomachs and their digestive systems are very unique. Giraffes are the largest ruminants on earth. How cool is that?


  1. The Giraffes Select their mates based on the coat type

What do you feel when you meet someone from your ethnic group out there? I think you always feel like you belong together. Well, just like humans, the giraffes are very specific about their mates. And to them, the coat type matters a lot when they are choosing mates. Could we call them racists? Or let’s just say they love to stick to their roots. And now you know!

  1. The Giraffes Tongue is 45cm Long

45cm is close to half a meter. Think about it, what can you do with something that’s half a meter long? Well, giraffes use their tongues as earbuds, yes that’s right. Giraffes use their long tongues for both feeding and cleaning their ears. How cool is that?

  1. Male Giraffes become darker with age

Well, just like human being’s skin changes with age. So does the skin of male giraffes. Their skin becomes darker with age and you can easily tell an old male giraffe apart from a younger one. That’s so cool huh!

  1. They were initially known as Camelopards

The early Greeks and Chinese people thought the giraffe was a mixture of a camel and a leopard. So they named it after the two animals and thus the name Camelopard. This is so interesting, isn’t it? Later on, the English people came up with the name giraffe with an Arabic origin of giraffe, Hence the modern day Giraffe.

  1. Giraffe males Fight by Necking to prove dominance and earn breeding rights

How many of you have looked at giraffes and went “awww so cute and sweet’’.  Well, these creatures are not all sweet and their tool of aggression, necks! Yes, male giraffes use their necks to fight it other and thus the term necking. They do this so as to gain dominance and earn breeding rights. And now you are also aware of this!


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