Amazing Facts about Zebras

There are three distinct species of Zebras in the world. They include the plain zebras, mountain zebras and the Grevy Zebra which is also known as the Desert Zebras. Here are a few facts you did not know about them.


  1. Their stripes are an adaptation against Tsetse Flies

I know most of you think that the zebra stripes are meant to be an adaptation against predators. But besides that, did you know that Zebras Stripes are also an adaptation against Tse Tse fly and heat regulation. Studies show that these markings on their bodies automatically repel the insects and this makes it safe for them to graze in Tsetse fly infested environments. How cool is that? And now you know!

  1. Zebra Ears Signify their moods

Just like humans, Zebras have moods and feelings. Their ears, however, are the most signifying factor. For instance, when the ears are erect, it means they are calm, tense or friendly (happy or excited). When they are frightened the ears are pushed forward and lastly when angry, their ears are pushed backward. Aren’t those just like our facial expressions? They basically tell everything about what we feel. And so do Zebra ears.

  1. Zebras were Domesticated in the late 19th Century and the early 20th Century

Can you imagine what you would think if you met a carriage of Zebras carrying luggage? I know most of you will find it weird. In the 19th and 20th century however, this was a common site among the people in England. Domestication of Zebras was common and on land, a Zoologist Lord Rothschild was famous for his Zebra Carriage. However, the quest was dropped due to their feisty nature.

4.  Albinism is common among Zebras

Humans are termed albinos when they lack melanin. The condition is also common among Zebras and the ones lacking melanin were known as Amelanism. These zebras appear crème in color and mostly known as “blond zebras”. Isn’t that just amazing? And they are just so beautiful.

  1. The Grevy Zebra is the largest among the Zebra species

Zebras are relatively large and can weigh up to 350kgs. However, the Grevy Zebra is relatively large physically as compared to the rest of the species. And now you know!

  1. The Zebra is the Main Feature in Botswana’s Coat of Arms

Botswana’s Coat of Arms has two Zebras as the main features and symbolizes an important part of their nation and their culture.

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