Serengeti National Park

Special Tour Availability: January 1, 1970
Tanzania Tanzania

Located in northwestern Tanzania, and covering an area of up to 14,750 square kilometers of grassland plains. The park is one of the most famous parks in Africa. It is also listed as one of UNESCO’S world heritage sites. Serengeti national park is well known for the hosting the Great Wildebeest migration and home to the big five. The vast plains of Serengeti provide picturesque scenery. The proximity of wild animals on the safari will give the authenticity of nature through its direct touch. The park’s biodiversity enables it to hold a vast species of wildlife mammals and is also home to over 3000 lions the largest number that can be found in one park. Some of the wildlife that you will expect to spot in this park is the black rhinos, zebras, wildebeests, lions and hundreds of species of birds alongside other wild mammals.

Accommodations are well spread out across the Serengeti National Park. They are well located and they range from 3star accommodations to 5 star and they guarantee you a smooth safari experience with absolute professionalism and picturesque views.

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