Kibale National Park

Special Tour Availability: April 7, 2017
kibale national park Uganda

The park is located in southern Uganda. It covers an area of up to 776km2. It is the best place to go chimpanzee trekking in Uganda. The park has a recorded number of up to 13 species of primates. Kibale is a refuge for East Africa’s largest population of the rare L’Hoest’s monkey and the endangered red colobus monkey. Several nocturnal primate species are present as well, including potto, Demidov’s dwarf galago, and the eastern needle-clawed bushbaby. The very specialized sitatunga antelope can be found in the marshy areas. However, during the rainy season, the roads are a bit mushy and sliding. Four-wheeled are hence recommended during this season.

Accommodations can be found within the fertile forest that is dotted with banana, mango and papaya trees. The accommodations are comfortable and serene and are suitable for every individual’s needs.

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