The Differences between White and Black Rhinos

Many of us assume that Rhinos are just Rhinos. Mostly, we know that they are an endangered species and the most spectacular of wildlife. But what do we really know about these beautiful wild creatures? Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Black and White Rhinos.

  1. White Rhinos have Wide Lips while Black Rhinos have Narrow Lips

White Rhinos have wide lips because they are grazers and this makes it easy to feed on the grasslands. On the other hand, Black Rhinos have narrow lips mainly because they are browsers, making it easy for them to forage in the scrubby bush. Therefore, if you did not know this you just got schooled!

  1. Black Rhinos are aggressive while White Rhinos are friendly

White rhinos are friendly and you can easily get close to them without fear of harm. However, the black Rhino is an aggressive animal and just be warned in case you are thinking of making friendly moves towards them.

  1. The calves of white Rhinos walk in front of their mothers while those of Black Rhinos walk at the back

Black Rhinos live in the bushes and hence the need to clear paths for their offspring. This explains why they are always walking in the lead.  White Rhinos live in the grassland and thus do not need to clear the paths for their young ones and this is the reason why they always walk behind their young ones.

4. The white Rhinos are bigger in size as compared to the black Rhinos

The white Rhino has the ability to grow to a weight of up to 2. 6 Tonnes while the Black Rhino can only reach a weight of up to 1.6 Tonnes. This makes the white Rhino the second largest land mammal after the elephant. And now you know!

  1. White Rhinos are Social Cows While the Black Rhinos are Solitary Cows

Black Rhinos are solitary and are seldom seen with other individuals. The White Rhino on the other hand is a social cow and is mostly seen in a group and thus more sociable. White Rhino behavior is highly similar to that of domesticated cows in a meadow . And now you know.



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