Interesting Facts about Lions

  1. The Females are the Main Hunters in a Pride

Good news to all feminists out there! The female lions are the main hunters in a pride. They hunt in groups and the females are the forerunners in the hunting game. They are also faster than male lions. So if you are inspired by the lionesses, you got a good inspiration.

2. An Adult male Lions Roar can be heard up to 8kms away

How cool is that?  The roar of an adult male lion can be heard in as far as 8kms away and now you know that too.

  1. Lion Cubs are Born with Blue eyes

We, humans, adore blue eyes. I mean our media has made it clear that blue eyes make a perfect Barbie doll princess (A fact I don’t agree with). But lion cubs are born blue-eyed which gradually changes to amber or brown over the first 2-3 months. Isn’t that just interesting?

4. Lions are the most Sociable in the Cat Family

We all know that the other members of the cat family are known to be very elusive. They are hardly ever seen in the wild. But lions are not hard to spot and they are normally found in large groups of 10-25 lions. These prides consist of up to 2 adult males and lionesses (one dominant) and lastly the cubs. However, the male cubs upon maturity tend to leave the pride to try and form their own pride out there. So just like humans, lions are very social cats.

  1. All Lionesses in a Pride are Related

Lionesses in a pride are all related. This is because, in every pride, the lionesses are descendants of the previous members of the pride and hence all related. They are like heiresses to the pride whose legacy lives on. How cool is that?

  1. The Lionesses Roar in a Chorus in case their Territory is Threatened

Think about it, what would you do if a stranger invades your home? You will possibly scream, grab a baseball club or call the police real quick. Female lions are also very protective of their territories and being the most dominant and of a higher number in the pride, they roar in a chorus so as to chase the invader away from their territory. Isn’t that just territorial and amazing? And now you know!


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