5 Interesting Facts About Elephants

  1. Elephants have a Morning Greeting Ritual

Did you think you are sentimental just because you greet people in the morning? I am sorry to disappoint you darling but Elephants are already masters in this game. Not only do they greet each other every morning but they also show visible touch and affection in the process. Bush Eyes Safaris has been on an Elephant filming quest and this is one of the most interesting facts about Elephants that we discovered.  So if you have been basing your sentiments on the fact that you greet people every morning. We have just given you something to think about.

  1. Elephants can Communicate up to 10kms with Infrasound

If you know anything about sounds, you know that low-frequency sounds travel longer distances and that human hearing is limited to sounds above 20Hertz. Well, our capable researchers found out that Elephants can communicate using infrasonic calls which are way below humans capability to hear and can communicate with other Elephants that are over 10kms away. How cool is that! And now you know.

  1. An Elephant Trunk has over 150,000 Muscles

The human body has only 650 muscles, but just the trunk of an Elephant contains over 150,000 units of muscles explaining its flexibility. Isn’t that just amazing? And now you know that.

  1. Elephants can smell Water from several Miles away

You ever wondered how Elephants find their way to water sources? Well, wonder no more, Elephants have been proven to have a heightened sense of smell for water. This gives them the ability to be able to locate water sources from miles away. This is a perfect adaptation for the African Elephant who resides in the savannah grassland which has very limited water sources and hence eases their quest for water search.

  1. Elephants Have Family Gatherings

If you thought humans beings are the only ones with strong family bonds, you thought wrong. Elephants don’t just meet over Christmas like human beings, they gather twice a year and stay together for over three weeks (and we only hang out for less than a week).  Furthermore, the Elephants use this time to introduce the newly born calves to the family. And to think we humans are the only species who hold family gatherings. How wrong!

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