Fun Facts About Leopards

  1. Leopards Shun food for almost a week to Exclusively Mate

Mating is essential for every life cycle to continue. And that is exactly what happens to leopards, except the process is so intense for them that they stop all their daily activities including eating to just mate!  Well, if that is not just amazing I wonder what is.

  1. King John kept leopards in the tower of London in the 13th Century

How cool is this, think about, the most influential being in Europe at that time kept these beautiful creatures in the tower in London.


  1. Leopards have the widest prey range among the Big Cats

Known as the most prolific great cat on earth, Leopards are also agile and opportunistic nocturnal hunters. They just don’t go for the big kills like other Big Cats, the stoop to as low as digging for dung beetles and go as high as hunting a fully grown male antelope. This is why they can basically survive in all ecosystems in the wild. We can say these cats are not choosers. Don’t you agree?

  1. Leopards can carry 3 times their body weight up a tree

A Leopard weighs an average of 45kgs. Using their teeth however, they can carry weight up to 135kgs up a tree. And that is what makes them very good hunters since they can feed on their kill exclusively when they are up a tree away from predators like hyenas who feed on the ground.


  1. Leopards can reside in both cities and the wild

Leopards are the most adaptive cats in the wild. They can reside in urban areas and they can also reside in the wild quite comfortably. And that is why it is easy to come across them in the most unpredictable of places. And now you know.



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